My trusty $200 Samsung Chromebook is four years old. I use it primarily for word processing. Recently a neighbor brought his new Chromebook over to compare notes. Mike paid $800 for his Asus touch screen model with the latest Intel processor. He likes to stream movies and watch comedienne Jeanne Robertson on utube.

I showed Mike how to find the manual by pressing ctrl+?,  use keyboard directional arrows (in the lower right corner) to refine character selection within a window, and touch the lower right corner of the screen to check power level, connection strength, date and time. The question mark (?) also provides another way to find the help documentation.

Mike showed me how much has changed since I blogged about my Chromebook last year, and how he and his wife maintain a shared grocery list on Google Keep from their separate devices. So….I removed the old pages.  I plan to redo some of the material over this summer of 2018. In the meantime, if you want to use Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, or Keep on your Mac or PC, sign in to drive.google.com from your computer or the one at your school, office, motel or library.